Our mission is to provide accurate, written and artifact information on history, customs and beliefs from the perspective of the original American Cherokees.

The Yonah Band of Cherokees Heritage Center, Inc. is operated under the jurisdiction and direction of The Yonah Band of Cherokees.

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The Yonah Band of Cherokees
of North Georgia
We of the Yonah Band have several goals for the Band. We are a heritage and cultural group where those of Cherokee ancestry can identify with a group of like minded descendants.

The U.S. Government set the standards for who may be called an Indian, not the Cherokee. After the Removal, the remaining Eastern Band of Cherokees agreed to most requirements placed upon them by the government. One was the blood quantum.

We of the Yonah Band feel that if you can prove any linage to the Cherokee People by document or DNA to any Native American group, then you can be a member of our Band. The spouse of a member can be adopted into the Band which was the custom of the Cherokees since memory began. See the membership link above for more details and an application for enrollment.

First there was oral history then there was written history. We plan to build a Cherokee Heritage Center which will include a museum, research center, Council Hall, Gift Shop and artesian area where guests can watch and learn many of the original skills of the Cherokees. There will be life-size Summer and Winter huts, sweat lodge and a garden with actual vegetables grown by the Cherokees in 1700s. We will sponsor Pow Wows and invite the public to celebrate authentic Cherokee Festivals.

We will dispel the myths of the Cherokees through education of school groups, the public and Scout units. The Cherokees did not have a Princess, did not have a Peace Pipe, did not wear a war bonnet and did not live in a Tee Pee. We will show the progressive changing of the Cherokee Culture over the years and why that occurred.
National Cherokees:

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees
Georgia Cherokees:

The Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee
P.O. Box 1993
Dahlonega, Georgia 30533

The Cherokee of Georgia Tribal Council
Saint George, Georgia 31646
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